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What does a Home Inspector do and how will it help me?

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A Home Inspector checks the safety of your potential new home. Home Inspectors focus especially on the structure, construction, and mechanical systems of the house and will make you aware of only repairs, that are needed.

The Home Inspector does not evaluate whether or not you’re getting good value for your money. Generally, a Home Inspector checks and gives prices for repairs on:

  • electrical system
  • plumbing and waste disposal
  • water heater
  • insulation and Ventilation
  • HVAC system
  • water source and quality
  • potential presence of pests
  • foundation
  • doors and windows
  • ceilings, walls and floors
  • roof

Be sure to hire a Home Inspector that is qualified and experienced.

It’s a good idea to have an inspection clause in the offer when negotiating for a home. An inspection clause gives you an “out” on buying the house if serious problems are found, or gives you the ability to renegotiate the purchase price if repairs are needed. An inspection clause can also specify that the seller must fix a problem before you purchase the house.

I suggest that you be present during the inspection. Following the inspection, the Home Inspector will be able to answer questions about the report and any problem areas. This is also an opportunity to hear an objective opinion on the home you’d like to purchase and it’s a good time to ask general maintenance questions.

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